Frequently asked questions

What if it rains?

The Rally Run and the River City Rally will continue rain or shine. If the weather gets severe we will reevaluate the day of the race and a text and email will be sent to all those who registered. The Ping Pong Ball is indoor and will not be effected by weather conditions.

Why ping pong?

Many studies have proven that the act of playing Ping Pong helps improve memory, mental clarity and mental sharpness. Along with mental health benefits Ping Pong can also help improve balance, hand-eye coordination and enhances reflexes. Any age can play ping pong. You can play alone or with friends. This versatile sport is something fun anyone can do to improve their well-being.

Where do the proceeds go?

100% of proceeds go to helping those in the area receive quality mental health care. Many people do not seek help due to inability to pay. Friends of Mental Health works hard to remove financial obstacles so that treatment and recovery can be obtained for those in need.

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